Sanford, Maine

Built in a pine woods setting near Sand Pond, in Sanford Maine, Huttopia is a form of campground where each campsite is equipped with all of the amenities of home. Bathroom, and shower facilities, electricity, air conditioning, right down to WiFi internet access, are provided to each fabric structure built on a timber frame. The sites are grouped in clusters of four and six fabric structures around a central public area for meet, greet and picnic. A main lodge was also constructed. Underground infrastructure was required to support the offering of all of the amenities. Sewage treatment, water, electricity, and roads were constructed strategically, so as to minimally impact the natural wooded landscape. Small equipment, and trucks not usually used to produce this type of construction were employed to thread the needle with the needed infrastructure. 

Daniel Plummer Rd.

Goffstown, New Hampshire

Completed a sewer line extension at a busy intersection in the town of Goffstown. 

YMCA Camp Belknap

Mirror Lake, New Hampshire

Camp Belknap Main Campus Sewerage Treatment Project involved the construction of a new sewage treatment system, sanitary sewer trunk line, and lateral system to replace an existing treatment system. The existing system, an open lagoon and spray irrigation system, became outdated and under capacity for the camp's long term master plan. The greatest challenge for the team was to construct the new system while the old system was on-line supporting camp summer programs. The system, designed for maximum flow during the active summer season, required commissioning during the camps peak enrollment time. The phased decommissioning of the existing system while operational commissioning was accomplished through planning and scheduling with all members of the project team as well as the state agencies having jurisdiction. 

Sanbornville Water Precinct

Sanbornville, New Hampshire

The Sanbornville Water loop project was the installation of over 2,300 lineal feet of water main, designed to connect two critical water lines on state highways NH Route 109, and NH Route 153 in Wakefield New Hampshire. The project fell under emergency funding by both Federal and State agencies. 

The project team faced two major challenges, the first being that the project was awarded on November 1st, 2019 only fifteen days prior to the NH-DOT moratorium on state road openings. The second challenge being that the piping, 240 Lineal feet, when complete, had to cross the NH Northcoast Railroad, and NH Route 153 using a combination of pipe ramming, and horizontal boring. A 36" steel casing was specified by NH Northcoast Railroad, and a 14" casing specified the full length of the span. Within the 14" casing and 8" HDPE carrier pipe was installed to complete the critical loop.

Ossipee Mountain Estates

Ossipee, New Hampshire

Ossipee Mountain Estates water improvement project consisted of the construction of an all new underground water distribution piping system to over 100 homes. The major challenges on the project were the amount of unmarked, unknown active existing underground utilities. The Co-op was developed more than 35 years ago, evolving from a seasonal campground to its current use of housing over 100 pre-manufactured homes. 

The old system, and ultimately the new system would be supplied by a well system. The existing system was modified to accommodate a planned change over without loss of service to residents. After final tie-ins the old system was disconnected and decommissioned. Service laterals were installed using horizontal boring techniques to minimize the impact to the occupied lots. This technique also allowed for electronic guidance of the service piping around existing sewer, electrical and communication underground.

The project was substantially complete in less than 100 days.


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

The replacement of sewer pipe for business and residence along Lake Winnipesaukee at Wolfeboro Town Docks. The project was completed in the early spring when lake levels are at the highest. De-watering was required as well as employing the use of Frack Tanks to control sedimentation and turbidity of water prior to discharge in the lake. The average depth of piping is 3’-6” below lake level. Final tie in to main transmission piping was accomplished  in State Road Route 28 using pit less pipe liner techniques.

Huggins Hospital

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Integrity Earthworks was contracted by the town of Wolfeboro New Hampshire to replace a section of failing underground sewer transmission line. The line ran on the property of Huggins Hospital, near the front entrance, and a strategic location used for a mobile Magnetic Imagining Room. The project challenges were to replace the failing line, and add new precast sanitary sewer structures in a critical location, all in an active hospital setting. The transmission line would not only service the hospital community, but also the Kingswood Regional High School complex, and the surrounding residents. Bypass of residual flow had to be performed and maintained during a critical tie in period. Open excavations were closed at the end of each day to allow overnight movements of the Mobile Imaging room. The work was successfully completed within the provided time, and without  disruption to Huggins hospital or any of community that it services. 

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